• “Philippe Espinasse is Mr IPO. There is no greater authority on the Asian new listings market”

    Jasper Moiseiwitsch

    South China Morning Post

  • “Philippe knows the IPO process inside out. Just as importantly, he explains complex concepts in clear and simple prose”

    Robert Cookson

    The Financial Times

  • "A superb guide, from a master poacher turned gamekeeper"

    David Charters

    Best-selling author of 'Trust Me, I'm a Banker' and 'The Ego has Landed'

  • "For any professional involved directly or indirectly in equity capital markets, 'IPO: A Global Guide' is an excellent and detailed overview of the major IPO markets and issues around the world"

    Marshall Nicholson

    Former Managing Director
    Global Head of ECM & Vice Chairman, Investment Banking
    Bank of China International

  • "Philippe, an ex-banker, is an expert on Asia’s initial public offering scene, and has incisive thoughts on a dynamic and fast-moving sector..." 

    Nisha Gopalan

    Financial Journalist

  • “When, what and how to talk to an investment banker to safeguard your interests (over theirs) and avoid common pitfalls. ‘Mr IPO’ has outdone himself with this rare, honest and meticulous 'self-help' book for companies/issuers planning to traverse the multi-faceted and complex IPO route”

    Anita Gabriel

    Senior Correspondent, The Business Times

  • “...an easy-to-read insider guide, packed with sample correspondence and documents... Good read for new practitioners”

    Shuli Ren

    Emerging Markets Columnist, Barron's

  • "Philippe Espinasse has written a first-class primer on the IPO market. Full of real-world examples, the book provides a comprehensive and detailed - but lively - view of the IPO process. A valuable introduction to the market"


  • "In recent years, China has emerged as one the largest IPO markets around the globe. Given his wealth of experience in the Asian IPO markets, Philippe is in a unique position to provide insight into the step-wise process of a successful listing in the region" 

    Herald van der Linde

    Managing Director & Deputy Head of Equity Research
    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

  • "A most enjoyable and well-informed insider’s guide that looks beyond the theory and examines in detail all aspects of conducting an international IPO. A very valuable read for issuers and other participants in the global equity markets"

    Datuk Ganen Sarvananthan

    Executive Director, Head of Investments
    Khazanah Nasional Bhd

  • "Philippe Espinasse lays out a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step approach for everyone from college graduates to CEOs to become familiar with IPOs"

    Anthony Power

    Chief Investment Officer
    Emirates Investment & Development P.S.C.

  • "In 'IPO: A Global Guide', author Philippe Espinasse breaks the trade into its component parts, explaining how the business works - and doesn't - in clear, compelling, easy-to-understand language. For anyone who wants to understand finance today, the book is a must-have"

    Shu-Ching Jean Chen

    Contributing Writer, Forbes Asia
    Former Managing Editor, CFO Asia

  • "Philippe's well researched book is a valuable initiative. Coming from someone with direct experience of IPOs, it is also wholly objective and complete. A most positive and productive contribution"

    François de Carbonnel

    Former Chairman of the Board, Thomson S.A.
    Director of Amgen Inc.Quilvest S.A. and Solocal Group

  • "About time. A well-written book for the user; clearly navigating the critical decisions faced by issuers in this otherwise opaque market"

    Julian Proctor

    Managing Director
    Tiger Group Investments

  • "This book simplifies with clarity what has always been a complex subject and that is its great merit. All professionals involved in advising on, or executing, IPOs; finance and corporate management teams; investors; and other market participants should welcome this book"

    Jeremy Stoupas

    Partner, International Capital Markets
    Allen & Overy

  • "Philippe has put together an impressively comprehensive compendium of all aspects of getting an IPO done.  The book has revealed all the trade secrets and will serve as a useful introduction to novice, and guide to all, practitioners"

    George Kwok Lung Hongchoy

    Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
    The Link Management Limited

  • "As an experienced practitioner of the 'dark arts' of equity capital markets, Philippe brings a wealth of knowledge to the study of this process that even market participants will find interesting, and neophytes will find fascinating and enriching"

    Piers Higson Smith

    Director, Head of Capital Markets
    Platinum Securities

  • "A sophisticated and detailed study that takes a major step forward in IPO research and analysis. It covers not just a topic but a whole territory. The new benchmark for all subsequent inquiries on the subject"

    Takashi Kasagami and Charles Vacher

    Pacific Financial Partners, LLC

  • "Philippe Espinasse’s book is a true encyclopaedia and also a remarkable reference publication on IPOs. Market professionals will appreciate reading this book, as will entrepreneurs, managers, bankers and investors"

    Jacques-Henri David

    Former Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank AG in France
    Chairman, Acxior Corporate Finance

  • "It's actually three books into one: a practical guide for the entrepreneur assessing a listing for his company; insightful research for the investor facing new opportunities; and a must-read for every professional and student to understand the world of IPOs through an insider’s eyes"

    Didier Lamarche

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Adam Smith Capital

  • "Espinasse writes with authority on one of the most high-profile but little understood sectors of the financial markets.  The book is particularly valuable for being written by a professional in Asia, now that IPOs from that part of the world are leading the way in volume and in innovation"

    Julian Waldron

    Chief Financial Officer

  • "Philippe’s global guide on IPOs is a must-have in today’s market of scarce and expensive capital. His global and vast experience of taking companies public from a wide range of sectors makes this a unique and truly 'one stop shop' reference book for entrepreneurs and CFOs"

    Juan Muro-Lara

    Head of Corporate Development
    Acciona, S.A.

  • "A real A to Z of what an IPO is really all about.  The book is savvy, practical, insightful, current and, above all, offers a truly international analysis that no one has ever offered before"

    Laurence Borde

    Media Tree Limited

  • "A complete approach to what an IPO exercise is all about, written by one of the most experienced professionals in the banking industry"

    Jorge Calvet

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica, S.A.

  • "Highly recommend! Espinasse has written a superb, concise and comprehensive guide for practitioners and novices alike. Entrepreneurs considering the public route as well as private equity GPs looking to exit through the IPO markets will find this an invaluable resource"

    Doris Ng

    Managing Director - Business Development
    AIF Capital


  • "Philippe Espinasse reveals the intricate mechanics of the listing process. Refreshingly, Espinasse – a former head of equity capital markets at two major Asia Pacific investment banks – provides a rare global perspective to this process"

    Jasper Moiseiwitsch

    South China Morning Post


  • "A comprehensive yet easily approachable guide that unmasks the inner workings of an IPO by an experienced investment banker"

    Paul W. Lai

    Former Head of Hong Kong and Greater China Investment Banking
    CLSA Equity Capital Markets Limited

  • "Philippe has done a great job of capturing the essentials of IPOs in a logical and easy-to-read manner. This is a must-read for finance professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to gain an understanding of IPOs via a step-by-step approach, and through a practitioner's insight"

    Cecilia Fong

    Managing Director, Mergers & Acquisitions
    Somerley Limited

  • "In-depth,  informative and insightful - Philippe's book is a 'must-read' to appreciate many of the perspectives of IPOs and other listings on international securities exchanges"

    Paul S. Lau

    Former Managing Partner, Asia
    Harney Westwood & Reigels

  • "A treasure trove of information for family-owned groups; full of practical advice on the rocky road to a public flotation"

    Maxime Holder

    Groupe Paul

  • "A pleasant read and a much-needed publication; full of ideas for corporates, bankers and investors alike - and most particularly in the fast-growing emerging capital markets"

    Thierry Gougy

    Partner and Country Managing Director
    DFDL Mekong Vietnam


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